For each of my pictures there are stories to tell, especially to the metamorphosis pictures. Conscious and unconscious connections to Ovid "Metamorphoses" whose designs: Philemon and Baukis, Daphne, Pegasus, Arachne, etc. are wonderfully fruitful motives, not only appealing by the interplay/by the transformation of different organic and inorganic forms, but also figures, plants and stones.

"The colourfulness of the Objects" (Gerhard Fink) irritated me.

"Everything transforms itself, and nothing goes to the bottom; on wandering from there to here, from here to there comes our mind and refers all the bodies, leads from an animal into a human being, from us back into an animal and never passes. "

(Ovid, Metamorphoses, XV, 167-171, over. by G. Fink)