Orte - Reise - Jahreszeiten

The reservoir of the pictorial design is usually drawn from the experiences and events in one's own living environment.

In the studio in Berlin, it is mostly cultural influences, literature, music, film, and theatre that stimulates the stories in these pictures.

It is different in the countryside, to reflect in the microcosm of vegetation, plants, trees and to experience landscapes around us.

The early experiences of nature on the Lower Rhine, the pearly light under often cloudy skies, the ghostly gnarled pastures, and the undramatic misty expanse already shaped early landscape representations. The great admiration and fondness for the Dutch masters of the 17th century in the museums of the neighbouring Holland, Ruisdael, Van Goyen, Seghers, still influences the conception, technique and means of my paintings initiated by the visible nature.

"On the canvas she recaptures the once and originally felt magic of nature in ecstatically blue-green. One associates the water lilies pictures of Monet in blue-black, in sunny yellow or glowing ochre or in soft spotted tones."
- Dr. Sibylle Badstübner-Gröger